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Beloved by Casablanca Bridal 2018 Coastal Waters Collection

beloved-by-casablanca-bridal-long-sleeve-lace-wedding-dress Come aboard with Beloved by Casablanca Bridal as we set sail on a voyage to an exciting new destination for Spring 2018: the Coastal Waters collection. Designed with the whimsical dreamer in mind, these gowns present the opportunity for each and every bride to fully escape into her own personal paradise on her wedding day. beloved-by-casablanca-bridal-long-sleeve-lace-wedding-dress For some brides, this may be an actual destination wedding, as Beloved by Casablanca BridalΓÇÖs unfussy designs and lightweight construction create the perfect getaway gowns. For others, the dreamy nature of these dresses takes them away and feels like a utopia even when they are right at home. beloved-by-casablanca-bridal-ballgown-ruffled-wedding-dress Coastal Waters consists of sixteen different gowns. Details are crafted to flutter in the wind as they are picked up by the ocean breeze, from the spirited ruffles and soft tulle of the skirts, to the bell and off-shoulder sleeves that are just a couple of the many highlights in this new collection. beloved-by-casablanca-bridal-wedding-dress beloved-by-casablanca-bridal-wedding-dress Uniquely textured laces, plunging necklines and a variety of strap and sleeve types are other essential trends. Whether trendy or traditional, every bride will fall in love with something she discovers in the Coastal Waters collection. beloved-by-casablanca-bridal-sheath-satin-wedding-dress beloved-by-casablanca-bridal-wedding-dress Gowns are available in petite, plus and traditional fits, but of course the cornerstone of Casablanca BridalΓÇÖs business is that each gown is made to measure based on the individual nature of each unique bride who chooses the gown, for a truly remarkable fit. A selection of matching veils is also available with Coastal Waters. beloved-by-casablanca-bridal-satin-wedding-dress